Kaya Tax & Bookkeeping Services is the most affordable way to manage your business in accounting, finance and tax arenas and minimize your own individual tax returns. Our goal is to keep your taxes as low as possible by complying with IRS regulations, accurately completing and filing the proper form on time. We provide tax services in Irvine, you can call us your Irvine Tax Services Company.


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Different entities require different forms. The most common forms are in the links listed below:

  • Individual – Form 1040
  • Corporation – Form 1120
  • S-Corporation – Form 1120S
  • Partnership – Form 1065
  • LLC – Form 1065
  • Sole Proprietorship – Schedule C
  • Trusts – Form 1041
  • Estates – Form 706
  • Gifts – Form 709
  • Non-Profits – Form 990


A small amount of tax planning will save you a lot of money. And, the sooner you get started the more you’ll save. Some common strategies:

  • SEPs & IRAs
  • S-Corps
  • 1031 Exchanges


Have you received a notice from the IRS, Franchise Tax Board or another taxing agency? If so, you should call us immediately. We help individuals and businesses resolve these problems :


  • Occurs when the IRS has determined that you have unpaid taxes.
  • The IRS usually attempts to collect for several months prior to placing a levy
  • Most people with outstanding liens can’t obtain credit
  • Comes to you as registered mail in a white envelope with green print


  • Occurs if you ignore the IRS for too long.
  • The final step in collection efforts
  • The IRS freezes bank accounts
  • The IRS takes the money from your account

Delinquent Return

  • Occurs when you fail to file.
  • Easily corrected by filing the missing return
  • Can result in tax owed or a refund
  • Collecting information for the return is usually the hardest part