Located in the heart of beautiful Irvine, California, Kaya Tax is a boutique tax firm that specialises in tax help. The most sensible and affordable way to manage your taxation concerns for business accounting, finance and tax, and to also minimize your own personal tax obligations, Kaya Tax is the superior choice for Irvine tax help.

Our ultimate goal is to help you to keep your taxes as low as possible, in compliance with IRS regulations. This includes completing and filing the proper forms accurately and on time.

Taxation can be a complicated business. There were literally thousands of amendments to the tax code in the past decade, and that is why we strongly recommend enlisting our services to make sure you get it right…

Tax Returns: different entities require different tax return forms. These may include:

  • Individual – Form 1040
  • Corporation – Form 1120
  • S-Corporation – Form 1120S
  • Partnership or LLC – Form 1065
  • Sole Proprietorship – Schedule C
  • Trusts – Form 1041
  • Estates or Gifts – Form 706
  • Non-Profits – Form 990

Tax Planning: plan ahead and save a significant amount of money. Strategies we use include:

  • SEPs and IRAs
  • S-Corps
  • 1031 Exchanges

Lien, Levy, or Delinquent Returns: if you receive notification from the IRS, Franchise Tax Board or any other taxing agency, call us immediately for help in promptly resolving these issues:

Lien: This occurs if the IRS determines that you have outstanding, unpaid taxes. In most cases, the IRS attempts to collect these funds owing for a number of months before placing a levy. The lien comes as registered mail (white envelope, green print). If you have outstanding liens, you’re unlikely to be able to obtain credit.

Levy: if you ignore the IRS and fail to pay your taxes for a protracted period, the IRS will place a levy on you. The final step in the collection process, it involves the IRS freezing your bank accounts and recovering funds owing from your account.

Delinquent Return: if you fail to file your tax return in a timely manner, you will be notified by the IRS. This is corrected easily by filing the missing return. Collecting the information for a missed return can be challenging; the outcome may be a bill for tax owed or a tax refund.

Kaya Tax offers superior tax help in the preparation of income tax returns, advice on paperwork required, electronic filing, and tax planning. By allowing us to work with you, you are guaranteed peace of mind.