Are you being audited? Eliminate the stress and let Kaya Tax help you with all of your Tax Audit issues.
Kaya Tax is a boutique tax and accounting firm located conveniently in the heart of Irvine, California. We are your Irvine tax audit specialists.

An IRS audit examines and reviews the accounts and financial records of an individual or business in order to determine that the information provided is being reported accurately and in compliance with the law.

The IRS is conducting ever more sophisticated and aggressive tax audits. Any inconsistencies in your reported income and standard of living may trigger an audit by the IRS. You must provide proof of income, deductions, and any items you choose to report on your tax returns.

If you are selected for a tax audit, it does not necessarily mean that an error has been made. You may be targeted for an audit due to random screening processes by the IRS; low scores of your tax returns identified during computer screening; examination of partners or investors; inside leads; or document matches. You will be notified of the audit either by telephone or mail.

An audit can be concluded by substantiation of your filed taxes; agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS regarding necessary changes; or with disagreement between parties. In cases where disagreement ensues, Kaya Tax can offer representation throughout the appeals process.

How can Kaya Tax Help?

  • We Remove Tax Levies – we understand how financially and emotionally disruptive it can be to have your accounts frozen by government levies. We guarantee that we can help you get your levy lifted, and we can help you be assured of never being levied again in the future. 
  • We Get Levies Released – we have a proven record for releasing levies promptly so that you can manage your cash flow on your own terms. We act immediately to have your fund returned to your pocket as quickly as possible. 
  • We Remove Wage Garnishments – wage garnishment refers to the withholding of a portion of your earnings for the payment of a debt as ordered by a court of law. At Kaya Tax, we understand the laws that apply to wage garnishment and help to ensure your protection against this. 
  • We Negotiate an End to Wage Garnishments – we can usually negotiate an end to wage garnishment within days of being retained to do so. 
  • We Remove Tax Liens – tax lien refers to a claim against an entity due to the IRS belief that payment of taxes has been neglected or refused. It may be attached to a person or a business. Once filed by the IRS with the county clerk’s office, it becomes public record. Kaya Tax understands that a tax lien can be debilitating to business or personal credit, and we work with proven strategies to resolve these tax debt issues –both in cases where the lien is valid, and also in cases where it is invalid.

Ultimately – We Offer Peace of Mind. We are your Irvine tax audit experts.