I’m in a financial mess and I need help

So you’re a self-employed person, and even perhaps justly recently incorporated your business, and you are going through your records to get either your tax returns completed, or even need to get certain financial statements to a lender for a loan, so you can upgrade and grow your business and you realize that your records are not organized and are a mess. You need a bookkeeper/accountant to straighten yourself out, but how to choose one? Here are some tips for choosing the right bookkeeper/accountant for your business:

• Look how involved your business is, the more involved it is, the more complex transactions are, and thusly need for more of a sophisticated accountant than a simple data-entry bookkeeper;

• How technologically sophisticated your potential bookkeeper/accountant is, after all this is the twenty-first century, and accounting/bookkeeping software (i.e. Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc.) is defiantly needed, and if you do not know how to organize your own business’s financial records, surely you would not understand how to operate such accounting/bookkeeping software.

• How much do you need to be involved in the bookkeeping/accounting process, after all it is all about relationship. You do need someone you can trust, which is a fundamental key in any relationship. Also, another factor is do you want to see every step of the bookkeeping/accounting process, or are you more of a “hands-off” type of person?

• Of course, price is always the issue, but not just the dollar amount, but the quality and accuracy of the bookkeeper/accountant. Just remember, one cannot be too cheap about the handling of a business’s financial books.

These are the tips and/or factors that one should look into in finding a bookkeeper/accountant, so your business’s financial records would be fully organized, get your tax returns completed quicker, with accuracy, and you could get your financial statements easily, so you can get that loan you desperately need. Also, for the future, if the IRS (or any other state tax enforcement agency) starts to question your business’s financial books, you and your bookkeeper/accountant, will have the ammunition proof ready for battle. So, if you are looking for such a bookkeeper/accountant, please contact us at http://www.kayatax.com/contact-us, let us see what mess you may have now, and if we would need to use our “bigger broom” to sweep, clean up, and organize your business’s financial records.