Another tax year

Another tax season year has passed, since October 15, 2014, and still a person’s tax return has not been filed (Gulp!). So what are the ramifications for filing late? Generally speaking there are penalties, as well as interest, on any balance due of a tax return. So lets explain what those penalties are.

First, there is a failure-to-pay tax penalty. This tax penalty is triggered if there is a balance due on an individual’s tax return, and it is filed after its regular due date, which is for most individuals April 15th. The penalty is ½ of 1% for each month (or partial month thereof) the tax return is late on the balance due, up to 25%, and even if a person files and extension to October 15th, this penalty counts back to the original due date of April 15th.

Next, there is a failure-to-file tax penalty, which a larger tax penalty. This tax penalty is triggered if a tax return is late, and there is a balance due. Remember, tax returns for most individuals are due on April 15th, and of course allowed to be extended for six months, until October 15th. However, once a tax return is filed after its due date, or its extended due date, the IRS would impose this failure-to-file tax penalty, and the penalty is 5% on the balance due, up to 25%.

Finally, any balance due of a late tax return, from its original April 15th due date, interest on the balance due starts to accrue (from April 16th) and interest is compounded on a daily basis. The interest rate with the IRS changes every quarter, and if there is a refund on a late tax return, the IRS will pay interest as well, at the same rate, as compounded on a daily basis (up to 3 years). So interest with the IRS does operate both ways.

Furthermore, to abate, or to get rid of these tax penalties, a person has to demonstrate reasonable cause, which has been interpreted as what independent and/or usually facts and circumstances beyond a person’s reasonable control that prevented him/her from filing and/or paying his/her taxes on a timely basis (e.g. tragic death on family, major medical aliments, etc.).

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