A Surprise for July – New Sick Leave Laws

Well, here in in California when July approaches, summer is here!!! That is the good news, however the other news is that effective July 1, 2015, California (along with Massachusetts), will be the third state in the union to have a mandatory sick leave requirement for employees who work in California (Connecticut has such a statute since July 1, 2011).

What the California sick leave law requires is that any employee, no matter how many in any given business and/or firm, that works in California would be entitled from his/her employer of at least 1 hour of a paid sick day, based on an employee’s wages/salary, for every 30 hours worked. The type of sick pay that an employee can use is for:

  • For the diagnosis and/or care for himself/herself on a current health condition; or even
  • Providing health care and/or treatment of a family member.

So, this is a major payroll compliance issue that most employers would have start keeping track of on sick pay hours that their employees would be entitled to, and there are huge penalties for not complying with this new sick pay law.

If you do have employees working for your business, please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you in tracking your employees’ sick pay hours, as well to help to be sure that your business is in full compliance with this new sick pay requirement for employees.